November 09th 2015:

Unfortunately, we have to cancel our performance in Budweis (CZ) on November 14h 2015 due to private reasons. We apologize for the late cancellation and hope to re-schedule the concert in 2016.


July 04th 2015:

It's about time to spread the singularity in the cities of Bad Dürkheim (Germany) on October 2nd 2015 and České Budějovice (Czech Republic) on November 14th 2015. Be there!


June 14th 2015:

Thanks to everyone who visited our concerts this year so far, it was great! New concerts for 2015 will be announced soon.


January 6th 2015:

The new year begins with four concert announcements:
10/04/2015 (Friday), Altes Wasserwerk, Lörrach (DE)
17/04/2015 (Friday), Schwimmbad Musikclub, Heidelberg
11-13/06/2015, AaaRgh Festival, Uttenhofen (DE)
11-12/09/2015, Metal Embrace Festival, Barleben (DE)


October 5th 2014:

New concert confirmed: On Saturday, November 8th 2014, we'll destroy the Knüppelnacht at the 7er-Club in Mannheim. Don't miss it!


September 22nd 2014:

Thank you very much, audience and crew at the Storm Crusher Festival! We had a great concert and a great time!


August 10th 2014:

Unfortunately, we're forced to cancel our performance in Heidelberg (DE) and at the Occultfest (NL) in early September. We apologize and hope to reschedule the concerts in the near future.


July 26th 2014:

New concert confirmed: On September 5th we'll return to the Schwimmbad Musikclub in Heidelberg (DE). It is our first appearance there since 2007, so don't miss it!.


June 7th 2014:

New concert confirmed: On September 6th we'll perform at the Occultfest in Hoogeveen (NL). Six years after our performace at the Occultfest 2008 we'll return and destroy the festival again.


April 21st 2014:

Concert canceled! Unfortunately, the whole concert on April 24th in Darmstadt was canceled by the organizer. We'll try to re-schedule the concert.


April 6th 2014:

Two more concerts for April are confirmed! We'll team up with Diabolical on their Neogenesis tour as local support in Darmstadt (DE) on April 24th and Karlsruhe (DE) on April 25th!


February 13th 2014:

Time to announce the first concert for 2014: On September 20th we'll destroy the Storm Crusher Festival in Bavaria. Don't miss it!


January 7th 2014:

Win one of two fan packages consisting of the new album "The Engineered Flesh" and the new t-shirt! Just share the uppermost status update on facebook before Sunday, January 12th!


December 19th 2013:

We'll be featured with an interview, review, and sampler track in the upcoming issue #88 of German Legacy Magazine. It appears on Monday, Dec 23rd!


November 29th 2013:

Today the new album "The Engineered Flesh" was released. The press reaction are great so far and can be read here.


November 16th 2013:

The new song "Technological Singularity" from the upcoming album "The Engineered Flesh" is now available as Lyric Video on Youtube: Enjoy the Singularity!


November 3rd 2013:

The making-of video for the upcoming album "The Engineered Flesh" is now available on youtube. Follow this link: The Making of "The Engineered Flesh"


October 27th 2013:

We just uploaded the song "Rage Towards Apathy" from the Live-DVD "Lyfthrasyr Live at the Global East Rock Festival 2011, Kiev, Ukraine". The DVD is part of the special edition of the new album "The Engineered Flesh". Follow this link: Rage Towards Apathy!


October 19th 2013:

The new song "Evolution" from the upcoming album "The Engineered Flesh" is now available as Lyric Video on Youtube. Follow this link: EVOLUTE!


September 23rd 2013:

The third Lyfthrasyr studio album "The Engineered Flesh" will be released via ALIVE Vertrieb AG on November 29th. Prepare yourself for 8 new blasting tracks of postmodern, electronically infiltrated Black Metal! It is our first album with blast god Nefastus (Ex-Belphegor) on drums. Fredrik Nordström mixed the album at Studio Fredman and Mika Jussila did the mastering in Finnvox Studios. The special edition of the new album will contain a bonus DVD with the full concert at the Global East Rock Festival 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine. Selected songs from both the new album and the DVD will be released soon via Reverb Nation, mySpace, and YouTube! So, stay tuned!


September 15th 2013:

We recently signed a new distribution contract with the ALIVE Vertrieb. Besides the distribution of the new album, this contract will also include the distribution of the jewel-case edition of our second album "The Recent Foresight". However, everybody can also purchase all albums and T-shirts from us directly.


November 3rd 2012:

The new, third Lyfthrasyr album is finally finished. After a great mixing session with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd in Studio Fredman (Gothenburg, Sweden) during October, the mastering was done last week by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studios (Helsinki, Finland). We are very proud of the result and will announce a release date as soon as possible. So, stay tuned for more info!


October 30th 2012:

Unfortunately, the Triumphant Return of Blackness Festival in Linz (A) on December 1st was canceled by the organizers. There will be no reschedule.


October 3rd 2012:

New concerts confirmed for December in Linz (A) and München (GER). For the first time we will play some songs from the new album. Find more information in the concerts section.


August 15th 2012:

The preproduction for the new, third album is finished. In October, mix will be done by Fredrik Nordström in Studio Fredman (Gothenburg) and mastering by Mika Jussila in Finnvox Studios (Helsinki). There is no release date, yet, but end of 2012 should be possible. Soon, we'll announce new concerts for December 2012, so stay tuned!


October 12th 2011:

A few official tourshirts in size L and XL from the Lyfthrasyr East Tour 2011 are still available and can be purchased for only 5 EUR each. Find more information here. Please consider that all CDs and t-shirts can be ordered only directly from us at the moment via


October 3rd 2011:

Thanks a lot for the great support at our concerts this year in Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany. We will now continue with working on the new album and inform you about any progress and news right here. So, stay tuned!


July 19th 2011:

Click here to see a promo-video for the upcoming East Tour in September 2011 with concerts in Russia and Ukraine.


June 5th 2011:

Unfortunately, the new album won't be released this year anymore. But to stay active, we gonna give some concerts this autumn at least: For the first time in our band history we travel to Russia for a one-week tour and Ukraine for the Global East Rock Festival in September. Two more concerts will take place in early October in Darmstadt (GER) and near Nancy (FRA). Find more information here as soon as available.


May 29th 2011:

We disassociated from our label twilight-Vertrieb. At the moment you can order CDs and shirts directly from us by writing an email to The writing of the new album is still in progress, but soon we will announce some new concert dates for autumn 2011!


November 13th 2010:

After having finished our last live performance for this year in Speyer (GER) we'll take a concert-break now to gain faster progress in our work for the new album. Important steps will still be announced here.